First Day of Fall!

Yesterday was (apparently) the first day of fall – and I didn’t even know it! All things considered, the sporadic rain, wind, and just a couple crunchy looking leaves should have given it away. The important thing is now I know, and it’s great (mostly)! Fall in Seattle is full of weird weather, but it also means some really beautiful walks, cute boots, scarves, and most importantly – PUMPKIN ALE. My favorite.

September kept things busy: We celebrated our one year anniversary (okay, technically that was the end of August), I chopped off a few inches of hair, started doing yoga again (consequently realized I need to stretch more…), my husband celebrated turning 26, and I joined a book club which has me reading WAY MORE than normal (which is good)…that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Oh oh! And I *finally* had my first Etsy sale, which I was very excited about. (If you are interested, through the month of October I’m providing a 10% coupon for purchases over $3.00… sooo if you happen to need a greeting card for anything now would be a good time to stock up! 🙂 )

I started my Etsy shop for fun, as a way to keep me making art and give me something fun to do in my free time. It’s been a bit of a slow start, which I hear is pretty common on Etsy, and I figured particularly for paper goods (because there are just so.dang.many options) – so needless to say my first “real” sale was reallyreallyreally fun 🙂

I’m going to work on posting here a bit more and as it is now officially fall that will most definitely put me in a baking mood, so you may see a few recipes here and there. The hubs and I are planning to brew some beer one of these days (it will be my first time!) so you can for sure expect details on that. (!!!) Let’s hope this rain eases up so that we can actually enjoy the leaves changing colors, and if nothing else, I plan to go pumpkin picking soon and would prefer it not be spoiled by overwhelming amounts of water!

Fall’s a coming!

Even though the sun is still shining and summer lingers, I am very excited for fall! Crisp air and falling leaves, pumpkin ale, and changing colors are just a few of my favorite fall things!

The summer has been full of fun and exciting things… trips to visit family, celebrating our one year anniversary, a promotion at work, and learning what people really mean when they summer colds are the worst (they really are). Okay that last one is not exactly “fun” but it happened!


I’m looking forward now to revamping my card shop and working on new artwork, along with lots of baking and a fun filled September!



This past weekend was the Capitol Hill Block Party. Because we live, literally, two blocks away, we decided it was time to check it out. The crowds were a bit insane but overall it was a puh-retty fun time! Surprisingly, my favorite band was a good old ho-down (sp?) style country band called Country Lips… I don’t know, I guess something about the cowboy hats and accordion just spoke to me? In any event, they were pretty cool, and you should check them out. Along with Phox. Enjoy!



Already almost the end of July – where does the time go? It’s finally warm here in Seattle, although of course now that I get the sun I’ve been begging for all I do is complain about living in a “too warm” apartment. Gotta work on not being so picky I guess! Anyway, it’s all fine and dandy because when it gets too hot I just eat ice cream. It’s a win win situation really.

I’ve got some new “art prints” – small watercolor paintings I’m working on. Okay I shouldn’t have pluralized that because I only have one completed – another is on it’s way it’s just not been photo-ed. In any case….


(see it here…)